WordPress Maintenance and Support

We created webguy.tech because we’re business owners too. And just like you, we know that a business today needs a website. Being able to make prompt and accurate changes or additions to your website is critical in today’s business world. But to maintain our WordPress site, we found ourselves doing a lot of boring tasks like running updates and troubleshooting plug-ins— chores that kept us away from our business. It was a stagnating cycle.

So it hit us: What if we offered business owners access to a qualified web maintenance team they could call on as needed? Face it: You know you would update your website more frequently if you could just make the changes easily and promptly.

Get maximum performance from your site. Our WordPress maintenance service is designed for entrepreneurs and businesses. With three ways to obtain service, webguy.tech allows you to focus on your business. We free you from your web tasks and let you do what you do best—run your business.

WordPress Support

WordPress Support For You

WordPress Support

Online Chat

Great for questions, walk-throughs, and quick fixes.
Just use the chat window (below left) and chat directly with one of our specialist.

By the Hour or Project

Got something you really need fixed, or a button to be tweaked? We can do everything from making content and image updates to fixing a hacked site. Website themes change and plug-ins break. Chat with a specialist to get a quote.

By the Month

Monthly website tasks can include updates, theme changes, plug-in fixes, guards against online threats, and more. Keep everything up to date with one of our three monthly plans. Chat with us to find out which plan works for you.

Montreate Cottages, Montreate NC
I received a call from someone wanting to make a reservation and told me my site was hacked. I Googled it and was horrified to see a foreign language. Webguy.tech was fast to respond. They were calming, reassuring, and put me at ease. They were quick to diagnose the issue and get the site replaced and cleared with Google . . . . Thanks, Webguy.tech!


WordPress Services

Fix a hacked site
60.000 sites are hacked everyday* … It will happen to you. We scan your WordPress Site both automatically and manually for any vulnerabilities and malware. We Clean your WordPress Website from any hacked files, database entries and backdoors.

Modify your theme
Need a few small tweaks made to your WordPress theme? We love fixing minor styling issues because we know the little things add up.

Protect your site
60.000 sites are hacked everyday* …. You don’t have to be one of them. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. However, it’s that popularity that makes WordPress a high priority for hackers. Prevention is better than a cure . . . especially with WordPress site security.

Back up your site
Your site will be completely backed up before we make any changes. This backup is stored securely so you have another level of protection. We also offer regular site backups to keep your site safe.

Get advice when you need it
We love helping our clients. When you have a WordPress question, you can email us and we’ll proactively find a solution for you.

Keep WordPress up to date
Want to change themes or add plugins? We will upgrade your WordPress site to the newest WordPress version and test your plug-ins and theme to be sure they play well together.

Fix a broken page
A security warning or a broken page on your site might scare your potential customers away. We fix these problems every day, so you can trust us to make the necessary changes.

Find the best plugin
There’s nothing worse than installing a new plug-in and having it break your site. We can help you find a better plug-in, and we will install it for you too.

Optimize site performance
We use a range of tools to help review and optimize images, code, loading speed etc. Visitors leave if the site is slow and search engines favor sites that perform better.

I want something else
Don’t see your problem on this list? Simply ask. Contact us with your question, and we will respond to you on the same day.

WNC Urban Farms, Waynesville NC
I made the often-repeated mistake of using a family friend to re-design our website. When she left us, we were trapped. I found Webguy.tech, and in twenty-four hours they had us up and running. They were calm, experienced, and worked directly with UPS to solve the problem. When it’s mission critical, use a professional.


Three Ways to Get Service

Online Chat
Use the Online Chat to request a quote or talk to a technician. If you have a question or an issue we can fix it right then.
If we are offline just click the “Envelope” at the bottom left of the chat window and leave a message.

By the project
Tweak a page, move a button, change the theme, tell us what you need and we will give you a FREE quote.
Use the handy Chat window to speak with us directly or click the “Envelope” at the bottom left of the chat window to submit a ticket. We will get back ASAP.
If we are offline just click the “Envelope” at the bottom left of the chat window to submit a ticket. We will get back ASAP.

By the Month
Choose one of our affordable monthly options. Enjoy “On Demand” tech support either through the live chat or a support ticket. Sleep at night knowing your site is backed up and everything is up to date. No contract, cancel anytime.

How we work

Fast Service
In most cases we can complete your project within 24 hours. But as with any technical service, the unexpected can happen. We use our experience to give you the best possible estimate and do our utmost to meet that estimate.

We use half-hour blocking with a minimum charge of $80. Estimates are FREE. Monthly plans are charged at their monthly rate. No contact, cancel anytime. All payment transactions are handled through PayPal for your security. You DO NOT need a PayPal account.

Sometimes, well most times, troubleshooting requires that you give us information. This can include log-ins or other sensitive details related to solving your problem. We DO NOT save, store, or share any information.

Live Chat: Monday–Friday: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. EST
Support Ticket and Messaging: 24/7

What We Don’t Do
We don’t perform web design, search optimization, or marketing.